From your mind to your hands

Have you ever looked at an everyday problem and said to yourself, "If only I could make this little thing, it would solve this problem and make me so happy".

With the advancement of technology in home manufacturing this is now a reality. Within a few years everyone will have the capabilities of a Star Trek Replicator in their home office.

Companies will no longer sell you a final product but the technical designs so you can PYO (Print Your Own). Why not take part in this manufacturing revolution? We all have great ideas, but not all of us have the know how to digitalize this idea to make it a reality.

Enter PYO Solutions. We'll take your ideas, craft them in the digital world and get the ready files to your hands and the hands of millions of people so they can also benefit from your solution and in this process provide you with economic returns for being so smart!

Did you know that 90% of the "in home printable materials" are 100% bio-degradable ?