About Us

Based in Texas, we are a small group of Designers, Thinkers and Hobbyists ready to explore our passions and contribute our 2 cents for a better world.

We have been involved in home manufacturing for many years and have come to realize that, like us, there are millions of people with great, small, detailed solutions for everyday problems, but lack the technical know how, to make these ideas a reality. PYO is here to compile your solutions and make them available to everyone.

Chris Nunez / CEO

Parametric Designer

Christopher Nunez

Graduated from Miami International University of Fine Art and Design in 2004 with a bachelors degree in Computer Animation.

I have a passion for perfection and extremely tight tolerances. I developed a love for drones, 3D printers and home manufacturing at the beginning of the century.

Currently following my dreams, in love with Texas, its wonderful people, snakes and cowboy boots!

Michelle Rey

Marketing & Development Specialist

Michelle Rey

Graduated with a Doctoral degree in health sciences in 2006, I am in constant search for new Ideas to improve our way of life with the use of innovative technology to create everyday home and business solutions.

I am a Texas certified educator specialized in STEM instruction of gifted-talented students. I am also a herpetology enthusiast with a fascination for Copperhead snakes. Go Texas!